Concet Construction Chemical

Concet is a Construction Chemical Company that combines the power of science and technology with the Human Element to constantly improve what is essential to construction Industry

The Company delivers a wide range of products and services to customer’s connecting chemistry and innovation with the principle of sustainability and go-green concept to improve the material quality, save water and increase efficiency in construction field.

Our Product line includes concrete admixtures, waterproofing & roofing Solutions ,mould releasing agents etc.


To be a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality construction products for local and international markets with sustainable solution’s to build enviornment for the better future.


We strive to create value for all the customer’s & stakeholders with our produtcs along the line of construction field. We provide the best quality chemical products manufactured by our experts who are in this industry for more than a decade.


The CONCET Chemical Company has served as a leading supplier to the concrete and masonry industry offering a full line of engineered concrete admixture and construction products marketed under the CONCET brand name. These products include concrete admixtures, block and masonry additives, curing and sealing compounds, adhesives, equipment and machinery, joint fillers and repair products. The CONCET Chemical Company strives to bring innovative technologies and products to the concrete market with industry leading customer service.

The CONCET Chemical Company understands that accurate and reliable delivery is critical to our customer’s integrity and profitability, and we support our industry associates with the flexibility of custom-built systems designed to meet their changing needs.

CONCET’s expertise, quick service and field-proven performance provide customers the consistent accuracy and industry-leading dependability required in today's demanding construction environment.At the batch plant or an on-site remote location,it is quality, experience and employee dedication that sets our dispenser technology apart and delivers service that goes beyond your expectations. For technical support, our research and testing facilities are available to assist our customers' needs from concrete mixture design development to hardened properties testing.

The CONCET Chemical Company is unique in our offering of superior products, unparalleled customer service and industry support.The CONCET team delivers a range of value-added resources and in-depth industry experience to architects,designers,engineers,building contractors and owners.Our experienced field team is available to support you and your projects using CONCET Chemical solutions and products manufactured under the stringent standards of our ISO 9001 certified quality system.

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